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World around us is full of beautiful colors...

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Colors are the rainbow of life

Deep blue sky above us, sparkling turquoise waters in the valleys, lush green forests on the slopes, vivid yellow flowers in the fields, lonely orange sand in the desert, glittering white snow covering the peaks...
We should not let our blue planet turn grey!

If colors are gone, where will the life be?


About me

I am an architect by education and software instructor by profession, working on 3D models, visualizations, design, teaching... All of that gave me good basics for my  photography passion like understanding of composition, colors, light and also technical knowledge of software that I have to use in visualizations workflow.

I have started my photography adventure more seriously in 2015, when I bought my first...not DSLR, but Mirrorless! It allows me to carry my lightweight camera when climbing in high mountains or biking the dirt roads - which I do quite often,  because I like to combine photography with sports and nature.

I have chosen Fujifilm because it makes landscapes unforgettable with its Velvia film simulation. Colors have always impressed me and I believe that they are essential for our well-being (who doesn't feel better on a clear sunny spring day compared to gray foggy autumn  one?). 

But the grey is not always a result of natural process like changing seasons. Often (far too often) people are responsible for grey devastations like air pollution, burned forests, oil spills in the ocean, waste disposals...

I hope that colors in my pictures help to build awareness, that we only have one blue planet to live on!


Vesna Križnar
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